José-María Súnico, MScE

  Technology & Strategy Advisor


Specialised in business coaching for tech-intensive start-ups / SMEs that need guidance to refine their strategy, business plan, financial model & fundraising strategy

   Extensive experience coaching start-ups, spin-offs & beneficiaries of European Projects (e.g. H2020, Horizon Europe, Eureka, EIC, Cleansky, EDIDP, EMFF, BlueInvest)


Services I provide, and instances I collaborate with

European Projects Proposals Writing Workshops

-Public funding such as European Projects can be difficult to understand and it is easy to apply to programmes that are not a right fit or raise 'red-flags'.

-I share my experience as a EC evaluator, coach & mentor to help SMEs maximise their chances to get funded.


I have trained dozens of SMEs at prestigious RDI hubs e.g. Techhub at Google Campus, Enel Innovation Hub (Spain); Venturelab - EPFL (Switzerland); A2Be, HiCenter (Israel).

Company / Proposals Diagnosis

  • Some times, you need an external expert to challenge your business plan, your company or technology.

  • There are times, when you need an independent view to analyse aspects of business not working as supposed.

  • There are other times, when you need a honest feedback on a proposal you sent to a VC or to a public funding programme to find how to improve it. 


I have extensive experience helping SMEs analyse their company, business ideas, and investment proposals sent to public & private instances (over 300 business ideas & proposals analysed to-date!).

Business Innovation Coaching

-SMEs often need external expert support to acquire new techniques that help them face their next challenges:

  • We start with strategy, setting key goals & methods to ensure alignment.

  • Then, we introduce techniques to ensure product-market fit and produce a portfolio roadmap strategy.

  • Next, we learn techniques to analyse business models and use them to find potential improvements.

  • Then, we produce a feasibility study and, if positive, a solid business plan.

  • Finally, we build a financial model synced with the devised strategy and business model and evaluate different fundraising scenarios.

EC Expert, Coach, Mentor

I collaborate with different public and private instances as an external expert:




"We chose José-María as business coach in our Horizon 2020 Phase 1 project in 2017. He worked hard with us to extract the best value for our project and to develop a reliable and strong strategy to move ahead. He offered us a wide technical knowledge embraced with a wise, open and active listening to our ideas to help us identifying the best ones. I would love to have him in my team when I need it and, as professional business coach, I hope I can." 

Ms Aida Agea, CEO