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About me


Who am I?

A passionate and energetic technology & strategy advisor and coach. An innovation facilitator experienced establishing innovation driven processes and culture. A technologist experienced on defining a sound R&D strategy. Highly experienced on the application of technology to solve problems in different verticals (e.g. eHealth, Industry, Telecommunications, AgTech, InsurTech, FinTech, Avionics, Space, Defence).

My approach? 

Business driven by Knowledge, Knowledge driven by Market. Business, Knowledge & Market driven by personas. Many times in tech-intensive businesses we forget that technology is just a tool, not a goal. It is important to put the focus on personas and their problems. This requires an agile, innovation-ready culture that inspire people to give the best of themselves. Establishing the right methodology and processes can help creating such culture, keep everyone focused on the key strategic goals while boosting productivity (e.g. OKR, Lean management, Innovation-driven culture, Kanban, Agile development).

Short resume

MScE Telecommunication. Master Innovation Management

Extensive experience leading cross-cultural, cross-functional teams towards new products development

Extensive experience coaching & mentoring teams in RDI intensive companies

Extensive experience executive management (Industrial, Defence, Aerospace, Mobile, Semiconductors)

Extensive experience Strategy & Technology Advisory

External Expert at the European Commission since 2006: EIC business innovation coach (FET, Pathfinder, Accelerator, FTI), Expert (i.e. ICT, AI, Avionics, Electronics), Evaluator (CleanSky / Eureka), Copernicus Accelerator Mentor, Pro-bono mentor for tech start-ups via MadrI+D, Early Warning Europe

Regional Jury at the South-Europe Startup Awards


Main Interests & Specialties

Embedded Systems, Context-aware mobile apps, Ubiquitous Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine-Learning, Time-Series, Ambient-Intelligence, Fog/Edge Computing, Internet of Things, Sparse-distributed Sensor Networks, Communication Middlewares, eHealth, AgTech, FinTech, Smart-cities, Smart-grids, Telemetry, Earth Observation, Innovation Ecosystems, Lean Management, Agile Development

I would love to learn more about your needs,

do not hesitate to  book a free introductory advisory 

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